Product Quantum (Rs. Cr) Long Term Rating Short Term Rating
Bank Loan Ratings 6.00 ACUITE B | Reaffirmed | Issuer not co-operating* -
Total Outstanding Quantum (Rs. Cr) 6.00 - -
Rating Rationale
­Acuité has reaffirmed the long-term rating of ‘ACUITE B’ (read as ACUITE B) on the Rs. 6.00 crore bank facilities of Alaknanda Printers Private Limited (APPL). The rating continues to be flagged as “Issuer Not Co-operating” and is based on the best available information.

About the Company
­Alaknanda Printers Private Limited (APPL), incorporated in 1978, is a part of the Bharath Beedi Group, which is engaged in making notebooks and text books. The company has manufacturing units spread over 20,000 sqft area in Karkala and Mangalore. Directors of Alkananda Printers Private Limited are Sudhir Madhav Pai, Subraya Madhav Pai, Nagendra Damodar Pai, Suma Ananth Pai, Asha Madhav Pai, Anand Pai Ganapathi.
About the Group
­Bharath Beedi Works Private Limited is incorporated in 1971 by Mr. Mr. B. Manjunath Pai as founder. The company is manufacturing of Beedies under trade name of “30 Brand”. APPL use to do packing print work to this company.

Bharath Auto Cars Private Limited is incorporated in 2006 by the same group promoters. The company is authorized dealer for Maruti Suzuki car in Mangalore. This company is rated as “ ICRA BB+” in March, 2015.

Bharath Printers is engaged in providing printing services for corporate which includes Multicolour Calendar printing, Diaries and Exclusive stationery items including Passbooks for Banks in Multicolour Printing.

Bharath Bookmark is running book stall in Mangalore city.
Non-cooperation by the issuer/borrower:
­­Acuité has been requesting for data, information and undertakings from the rated entity for conducting surveillance & review of the rating. However, the issuer/borrower failed to submit such information before the due date.
Acuité believes that information risk is a critical component in such ratings, and non-cooperation by the issuer along with unwillingness to provide information could be a sign of potential deterioration in its overall credit quality.
This rating is, therefore, being flagged as “Issuer not-cooperating”, in line with prevailing SEBI regulations and Acuité’s policies.
Limitation regarding information availability:
­The rating is based on information available from sources other than the issuer/borrower (in the absence of information provided by the issuer/borrower). Acuité endeavored to gather information about the entity/industry from the public domain. Therefore, Acuité cautions lenders and investors regarding the use of such information, on which the indicative credit rating is based.
Rating Sensitivity
­"No information provided by the issuer / available for Acuite to comment upon."
All Covenants
­Not Applicable
Liquidity Position
­"No information provided by the issuer / available for Acuite to comment upon."
­­Not Applicable
Other Factors affecting Rating
­­Not Applicable

Particulars Unit FY 22 (Actual) FY 21 (Actual)
Operating Income Rs. Cr. 6.49 23.36
PAT Rs. Cr. 0.97 1.68
PAT Margin (%) 15.00 7.20
Total Debt/Tangible Net Worth Times 20.70 55.91
PBDIT/Interest Times 82.72 6.37
Status of non-cooperation with previous CRA
­­Not Applicable
Any other information
­Acuité is yet to receive the latest No Default Statement (NDS) from the rated entity, despite repeated requests and follow-ups.
Applicable Criteria
• Manufacturing Entities:
• Default Recognition:
• Application Of Financial Ratios And Adjustments:

Note on Complexity Levels of the Rated Instrument
­­In order to inform the investors about complexity of instruments, Acuité has categorized such instruments in three levels: Simple, Complex and Highly Complex. Acuite’ s categorisation of the instruments across the three categories is based on factors like variability of the returns to the investors, uncertainty in cash flow patterns, number of counterparties and general understanding of the instrument by the market. It has to be understood that complexity is different from credit risk and even an instrument categorized as 'Simple' can carry high levels of risk. For more details, please refer Rating Criteria “Complexity Level Of Financial Instruments” on

Date Name of Instruments/Facilities Term Amount (Rs. Cr) Rating/Outlook
22 Jul 2022 Cash Credit Long Term 6.00 ACUITE B ( Issuer not co-operating*)
23 Apr 2021 Cash Credit Long Term 6.00 ACUITE B (Issuer not co-operating*)
31 Jan 2020 Cash Credit Long Term 6.00 ACUITE B (Issuer not co-operating*)

Lender’s Name ISIN Facilities Date Of Issuance Coupon Rate Maturity Date Quantum (Rs. Cr.) Complexity Level Rating
Union Bank of India Not Applicable Cash Credit Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable 6.00 Simple ACUITE B | Reaffirmed | Issuer not co-operating*


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